One Love (K3)  -  Photo By Keptfrozen

I am a self taught freelance photographer from Nashville , TN. I am a Street, Life Style, and Reality photographer documenting the things around me that I embrace and what I feel people should be aware of. What I like to express the most through my work is Joy, Truth, and Love. Keeping those 3 forces within my work is what fuels my creative passion. Through my images I would also like to show people thats its ok to reshape and create from the things around you, and that there are no rules to what you choose to do in life if you are truly passionate about it. Negative or Positive I would love for people to embrace my work for what they feel and in return see who they are in relationship to what they see which shows you who you are as a Human Being in return. Love all for what is and never judge for everything is perfect when truly understood.